All You Need to Know About Xfinity Internet Packages

Well, the first thought that comes to your mind while getting a new internet service is the speed. While speed is just a basic requirement of an internet, it is the additional benefits and specifications that make a difference. What makes Xfinity America’s largest and most wanted internet service provider is that the speed provided is top notch, but along with speed there are several benefits as well as features that make it worth buying.

Well, if you still don’t know what makes Xfinity America’s favorite internet service provider, and why you should also buy it, here is all you need to know about it.

Plans and Packages for Everyone

Xfinity, unlike many other internet service providers has plans and packages for everyone. The sole internet plans vary from speeds and the number of devices. So, if you are a solo user, there is a basic plan for you that is affordable and provides just the right speed for you, similarly, if you are a family to gamers, streamers, as well as users of smart home tech, Xfinity have speeds and relevant packages for you. Besides, considering the external benefits that come with Xfinity internet as well as the bundle deals, it is quite economical and suitable.

Ultra high Data Cap

When it comes to internet service providers, many of them have a very low data allowance, which often makes people run out of data. Other internet service providers promise unlimited data but by the end of the billing cycle if you do use a lot of internet, they slow down your internet so that you don’t use a lot of data. When this is the case, it is best to go for an internet service provider that has a capped data but the data allowance is decent enough. With Xfinity, you get an allowance of 1.2 TB which is more than enough even if you use smart home technology, stream in 4K, or have gaming sessions. You don’t easily exceed this limit, but even if you do some time, you can always buy extra data for an extra charge.


Xfinity is an internet service known for its great speed. Xfinity Internet Speed is good enough if you want to stream 4K content, have gaming sessions, as well run your smart home technology. You can do all at one time because of the ultra-high gig speeds provided by Xfinity. So, when it comes to good speed you do not need to worry because Xfinity has you covered.

Advanced Equipment and Services

Talking about speed, Xfinity makes sure your get the best of the best by renting out an xFi Gateway Device that is a smart modem plus router. The xFi Gateway amps up your speed, minimizes lag times which enhances your internet experiences especially if you are a gamer, streamer, or have to control your smart home. The gateway devices comes with built in Advanced Security, which secures your network, adapts to your network patterns and ensures maximum and personalized security. It allows you to manage and control your entire home network from one place, and comes with 24/7 tech support. One more thing that is best about the xFi Gateway device is the fact that it allows you to monitor your children’s devices and put parental controls. This saves your children from viewing or visiting age restricted content.

Xfinity Flex

While you can rent the xFi Gateway on a minimal price per month, one thing that Xfinity gives free with its internet packages is the Xfinity Flex. Xfinity Flex is a 4K TV streaming box. The TV streaming box comes free video on demand content. Well, that is not it, with the TV streaming box you get a free subscription to Peacock Premium, and you can stream more than 10,000 movies, TV shows, sports and news updates, Authentic non-partisan news and much more. The Xfinity Flex box also supports other popular steaming services such as HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, as well as Amazon Prime. Best part is that you can even purchase or rent movies from the app. Besides, you can also stream your favorite music on Spotify and XITE.

Free WiFi Hotspots

Well, if you don’t have the gateway device, it is a downside that Xfinity no longer provides internet security with the basic packages. When you are out, connecting to outside WiFi networks might seem tempting but it might be the biggest mistake you’ll make. Well, with Xfinity internet you have access to free WiFi Hotspots that are specifically for Xfinity users and are not open to the public. While public WiFi networks make you vulnerable to cyber threats, the Xfinity hotspots keep your devices secure from such threats. So, even if it doesn’t provide Advanced Security (if you don’t have xFi Gateway) you do stay secure with the option to connect to a more private WiFi hotspot. You can connect to these WiFi hotspots through your app by adding your credentials. This way you are safe from unsecure outside networks.

Self-Installation Made Easy

It is not easy to install internet or tech devices, and also getting a professional to do it costs us lots of money. Well in this case, Xfinity makes it easy for you install internet on your own even if you have your own equipment. The internet and equipment always come with a getting started kit, which has step-by-step instructions to make your installation process simple and easy. You can easily install yourself without having to pay anything extra to tech support.

Flexible Term Agreements

One thing that people like Xfinity for is that it has very flexible terms agreements. When you subscribe to an internet package, you are given an option to avail a promotional discount in exchange for signing up to the contract. If you think you might want to discontinue use in a few months, you can pay the original price and in return you don’t have to commit to any yearly plans or contracts and you’ll be free to disconnect. You can choose whichever option suits you well and enjoy.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

Well, even if you do choose the option to pay the promotional price and sign a contract you will still have the 30 days trial period where you can test your internet service, speed, and other things. If you are not satisfied, you can discontinue use within 30 days and get redeem your payment.

Well, these are a few basic benefits and features of Xfinity internet that you should know about before subscribing to Xfinity. If you plan to get a good internet service, we suggest Xfinity along with its gateway device. It will definitely add ease and convenience to your life.